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Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
There are many versions of the FAR on line, however, this is our favorite.  This site includes the DFARS and many other agency supplements to the FAR as well as archived versions and FACS and DACS.  The FARSearch tool allows rapid browsing to efficiently focus your acquisition research. 
Defense Acquisition University(DAU) Home-Page An excellent source for training materials and opportunities for the acquisition workforce.  This site provides an online catalog and schedule for DAU’s course offerings.  Visit the ARCC – Acquisition Reform Communications Center for free acquisition reform training materials available on CD or videotape. 
ACQWeb Search: Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology
This site is specifically designed for fast, focused searches on acquisition topics of interest.  You can search on concepts or keywords – then sit back and let the search bot explore cyberspace.
General Accounting Office (GAO) Home-Page
This home-page will connect you with GAO’s Office of General Counsel where you can download the most recent GAO decisions and opinions.  This site features a sharp word search tool called “Excite” that will speed your search through the annals of law.
Government Executive Magazine
Keep up to date with what other acquisition professionals have to say about the wonderful world of Federal acquisition by visiting the “Procurement” section of this site.  You’ll find articles covering a variety of topics plus information on training, links to other acquisition reform sites, and procurement guides. 
National Contract Management Association (NCMA) Home-Page
This is the home-page from the staff at NCMA Headquarters.  This site is loaded with great information on NCMA training, education and information resources.  The “Ask the Author” button is extremely handy – provides a timely article on a current contracting topic then allows you to send an E-mail to the author and ask more detailed questions. 
Earned Value Management Web Site
Earned Value Management is one of the hottest topics in acquisition today.  Government and industry program offices worldwide are praising the benefits of implementing and maintaining earned value reporting and insight systems on major acquisitions.  Visit this site for the latest EVM trends, information and education. 
The Federal Marketplace
For your market research needs, this online publication contains the “Mammoth Vendor Directory”.  Search a database of over 250,000 vendors by name or contractor capability.