"This tool is very easy to use and more efficient than capturing notes by hand or in a Word document. I can only imagine that this will be easier for the writers to review all relevant comments and then develop more useful content. Since we know the government reviewers are leaning this way, it seems logical that our proposal development and review should follow the same approach."
- Steve H.
Red Team Member


  • Develop clear and concise linkage between your proposal and the specific evaluation criteria
  • Make the job of government evaluators and contract officers easy and painless
  • Increase win rate


  • User-Friendly Interface. The OnTarget interface is intuitive and straightforward. Standardized input templates promote documentation quality and consistency while reducing the administrative burden. Minimal user training and orientation is required so you spend time on the proposal, not on
    learning the tool. 
  • Streamline Operations. OnTarget maximizes collaboration with intuitive workflow, making proposal development activities seamless and efficient.
  • Simplify Evaluations. OnTarget allows Red Teams to review proposals in the same way as a government evaluator would, gathering feedback on the content and organization of the material.
  • Develop Strategy / Win Themes. The effectiveness of proposals meeting capture strategies can be evaluated, allowing the team to provide feedback on areas where enhancements should be made.
  • Match Your Proposal to Evaluation Criteria. OnTarget focuses proposal teams on the same criteria the government will use – this process is critical as proposals are evaluated against criteria, not competitors.
  • Build Rapid Online Consensus. OnTargetdelivers an efficient consensus process to facilitate collaboration between proposal teams, allowing consensus findings to be easily posted and accessed by the entire team in real-time, displaying progress and status metrics.
  • Online Proposal Development Library and Data Warehouse. An easy-to-access reference library of documents can be created. Coherent, comprehensive and secure records are permanently maintained. Document quality is upheld through logical workflow to help ensure consistency.
  • Fast, Flexible Implementation. OnTarget can be plugged into almost any proposal environment with minimal intervention and expense.
  • Responsive Customer Service and Support. AcqCenter is committed to providing customers with the most responsive support available throughout their entire proposal development process.