The ultimate test of any contract award decision is the agency’s ability to stand up to protest. With DecisionPoint, agencies can virtually eliminate this worry.

DecisionPoint is a powerful, collaborative source selection management solution, enabling government agencies to streamline operations and optimize evaluation efficiency. DecisionPoint significantly exceeds all source selection regulatory requirements.

Standardized evaluation templates and intuitive workflow routines ensure both consistent proposal evaluation and strict compliance to award evaluation criteria. A structured approach to process integrity and comprehensive audit trails ensure quality and control.  Protests are not only less likely, they are less likely to succeed. In fact, to date, no protest has ever been sustained where DecisionPoint has been utilized.

Sophisticated paperless functionality. Unparalleled process integrity. Bulletproof security. Fast, flexible implementation. Streamlined performance and collaborative ease-of-use. Little or no IT investment or ramp up. And unwavering commitment to automated source selection. Introducing DecisionPoint.


  • Eliminate protests
  • Increase evaluation efficiency
  • Maximize online collaboration
  • Provide comprehensive documentation
  • Focus efforts on the quality and substance of the evaluation; not administration, process and logistics


  • User-Friendly Interface. The DecisionPoint interface is intuitive, straightforward and consistent. The tool uses standardized input templates that promote documentation quality and consistency, reducing the administrative burden on source selection management. User training and orientation sessions help team members feel comfortable and confident with the tool from the first day of the source selection. DecisionPoint enables evaluation teams to focus on the quality and substance of their evaluations, not on source selection administration, process and logistics.
  • Facilitates Process Integrity. By tailoring to the agency’s environment and ways of doing business, DecisionPoint helps enforce the evaluation team’s source selection process.  Evaluator strengths, weaknesses ratings and risks clearly link to RFP evaluation criteria. 
  • Rapid Online Consensus. DecisionPoint delivers an efficient consensus process to facilitate collaboration between acquisition teams. Through built in reporting, integrated messaging and bulletin board functionality, customers are able to facilitate effective communication between managers and end-users. Consensus findings are easily posted and interactively accessible to the entire team in real-time, displaying progress and status metrics.
  • Online Library and Data Warehouse. DecisionPoint lets customers create and securely maintain an online reference library of agency and offeror documents in a searchable, structured format that maintains 100% source document integrity. Coherent, comprehensive and secure records are permanently maintained. Document quality is upheld through logical workflow and user interface to help ensure consistent and complete evaluator ratings and narrators. 
  • Real Time Process Control. DecisionPoint presents evaluation managers with a panoramic view of the entire source selection process, enabling them to monitor the status of the overall process, drill down to a discrete element or gauge progress with total ease at anytime, from anywhere. DecisionPoint facilitates effective communication with helpful features including integrated messaging and bulletin boards.
  • Fully Customizable. DecisionPoint was designed to ensure that customized modifications, including unique source selection language and process alterations are fast, straightforward and trouble-free.  
  • Fast, Flexible Implementation. DecisionPoint is a rapidly deployable application that can be plugged into almost any acquisition environment or specification with minimal intervention and expense.
  • Management Insight. DecisionPoint will provide source selection management the ability to monitor evaluator progress and comment quality from their desktop.  As part of their DecisionPoint access protocol, source selection management can monitor all evaluator/advisor comments and provide real-time feedback and direction via a built in Q&A and bulletin board feature.  This capability is invaluable for making in-process corrections and proactively managing the source selection schedule.
  • Scalability and Stability.  DecisionPoint software designers have ensured the application provides a scalable and stable platform for conducting large-scale or multiple-user source selection efforts.  Through a multiple source selection environment, the DecisionPoint application and associated infrastructure have a proven record of maintaining complete integrity and security between the source selections with no loss of performance or compromise of sensitive evaluation data.
  • Responsive Customer Service and Support.  AcqCenter is committed to providing customers with the most responsive support available throughout the entire evaluation process. DecisionPoint is not just software – it is a full-service capability that ensures your evaluation team receives our best customer support, from initial DecisionPoint install to final data archiving at the end of the selection process.