Is your BAA process still paper-based? Can your geographically dispersed Evaluators access the information they need at any time? Can you quickly gather and evaluate the information you need to make a decision? Do you have oversight of your evaluation process? If not, the solution is here….AcqCenter's BAA Information Delivery System (BIDS).

What is BIDS?
Many R&D organizations use information gathering tools such as BAAs, RFIs, SBIRs, sought sources , white papers, etc. to collect and evaluate information in regards to their mission.  The process has traditionally been paper intensive and plagued with information dissemination and collection problems…..until now. 

BIDS is a web accessible, secure, fully automated and paperless knowledge management application that not only streamlines the BAA dissemination and proposal gathering process but allows for real time on-line evaluations while reducing the demand on personnel resources and maintaining the highest levels of information security.  BIDS is easily tailored to the “client’s process” to ensure process consistency.     

View the current AcqCenter BIDS portal here.